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Why Verification Matters.
At Refinable, our primary goal is to provide the most secure and efficient NFT experience to our users — so that they can buy, sell and trade any NFT art piece with anyone in the open market. Inevitably, with the increasing interest in NFTs, we are seeing a rise in concerns regarding item authenticity. That is why we are introducing creator verification on our platform, in order to address issues like copyright infringement, plagiarism, and fraudulent works.
What is Verification on Refinable?
When a creator profile is "verified" on our platform, you will be able to see a little black checkmark next to the profile picture on the listed art piece. Being verified means the creator profile has been manually reviewed by the Refinable team. Our staff will also look into the creator’s social media history, and undergo reverse image searches on the platform to verify the authenticity of the artwork.
Why is Verification Important?
A verified badge is the best way to indicate a creator’s credibility and is vital for the protection of all creators and collectors. Our additional manual verification process ensures that the Refinable platform continues to be fun and lucrative for our users, whilst remaining authentic and secure from scammers and pertambangan binance cryptocurrency exchange forgers.
What You Can Do as a Refinable Community Member?
The best thing you can do to ensure the legitimacy of an NFT artwork is simple — do your research! Make sure you get to know the artist well and familiarize yourself with their collections. While NFT has been widely used as proof of creation and copyright ownership, forgery, piracy, and other fraudulent behavior ανάλυση pance & binance cryptocurrency exchange are still out there…so let’s all remain vigilant and বাইনান্স leণ নিরাপদ safeguard creator authenticity and ownership! Another sign to look out for is the sales price. If the artwork is sold for a relatively low amount in comparison to the quality of the artwork, then maybe it’s not the real deal.
How to Get Verified on Refinable?
Now that you know the tips and tricks on filtering dubious content, let’s go through the steps on how to become a verified artist on Refinable. The only way to get verified is to fill out our verification form. Our team will be looking at multiple factors such as active social media presence, dialogue with community members, and the number of minted and sold items on all NFT platforms. Plus, there will be an extra bonus once you complete the form to become a featured artist on Refinable. Featured artists will have an increased presence on our platform and social media channels to help aspiring content creators gain more exposure in our community!
About Refinable.
Refinable is the first dedicated NFT marketplace built on binance företags granskning Smart Chain. With investments from binance cryptocurrency exchange and Mr. Beast, we are creating an accessible environment for any user, brand, and community to engage with NFTs. This means providing an ultra-low-cost, fast, and secure place for retail and crypto users alike.image

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